Why Outsource Magazine Subscriptions Marketing to Zenith Marketing Services?

In a market where sales of magazines at retail is declining, subscriptions marketing has never been more important. As a small to medium sized publisher, you could decide to take on an employee to carry out this function, but this is not necessarily the best course of action.

Outsourcing to Zenith Marketing Services means:

7Your budget will go further
Outsourcing is very cost effective. An employee with sufficient knowledge and experience to do the job would cost more than our annual fee in salary alone, not forgetting additional employer’s costs
6You will have access to a high level of expertise
There are two subscriptions marketing professionals at Zenith Marketing Services with a wealth of experience of all marketing channels, and all clients therefore have access to two sets of ideas, two points of view and two skill sets
4Your subscriptions function will scalable and flexible
Outsourcing is flexible. There are always periods of time where more activity is required than others, and we can scale up or down our resources to accommodate this. So we will always be able to cope with the workload, and clients will never be paying us for twiddling our thumbs!
7There will be little risk
Outsourcing is low risk. Where we work on a retained basis, as soon as we sign a contract with a client we start work and we offer a review after three months, at which point either party may terminate our agreement without further notice