Database Management

With our love of data and our analytical approach, it is no surprise that we have some expertise when it comes to databases!

What we’re really good at is interrogating data to extract every ounce of intelligence from it. In order to do that, clients need to have a robust data collection system and a database that has the necessary functionality and is correctly set up and used. Too often we find databases being used as very efficient order processing systems, but falling way short of their potential to provide a wealth of marketing intelligence that can fuel sales growth.

7Database Consultancy
On a consultancy basis we can:
• Audit your data collection procedures and make recommendations for improvement
• Write a specification for a new database
• Survey the marketplace and recommend a suitable off-the-shelf database, or a programmer if a bespoke solution is required
• Work with the database provider and your staff to ensure the database is set up correctly from the beginning to meet all your data and business objectives
13Interrogation and Interpretation
Many of our clients give us access to their databases in order that we can produce a report pack to monitor subscriptions levels, renewal rates, response to promotions etc. But more than that, we use our extensive knowledge of the marketplace to interpret the data. We’re not just interested in the hard facts; we want to know what they mean for our client.
9Bespoke Databases
In many cases complex and expensive proprietary database programs are not required; whilst they might do the job, they can be over engineered and cost-prohibitive. In such cases we are able to write bespoke databases to manage subscriptions/memberships, both acquisition and renewal, and provide the reporting necessary to effectively manage subscriptions strategy.