Reader & Member Surveys

Tap in to an exclusive source of market intelligence

Most magazine publishers have at their fingertips a wealth of invaluable marketing intelligence; their readers. But exploiting this resource in the form of a reader survey takes some skill and planning, in terms of the design of the survey, the method of delivery and the analysis of the results.

Like everything else we do at Zenith Marketing Services, we start by looking at the objectives of the survey; what is it, exactly, that the client wants to know from readers? Then we set about devising the best way to find out.

There are two things that we love: data, and market intelligence. Our reader surveys are designed to provide both. They are also designed to generate the maximum response rate possible from the readership, using a combination of clear objectives, appropriately worded questions, a suitable delivery mechanism and, where necessary, incentives.

If necessary we can:
•    Produce paper and electronic versions of questionnaires
•    Provide a physical and electronic reply address
•    Input data from paper responses

And when all the responses are in, we can analyse the data, including cross tabulating answers from different questions, and provide a meaningful results report that contains hard facts, market intelligence and sound interpretation.

If there was one word we would use to sum up our reader surveys it would be useful. It is our intention that survey results inform many areas of business planning and provide excellent return on investment.